IMPORTANT NOTE: As of March 1 2015, this (old) version of FORCES will NO LONGER BE OPERATIONAL.

Since its first conception in June 2012 as a demonstrator at the American Control Conference in Montreal, Canada, FORCES has undergone major changes and improvements that have led to FORCES Pro, the new version of the code generation system. Since this (old) version of FORCES is no longer maintained and we would like to deliver the best performance and user experience that shall be associated with the name FORCES, we kindly request all users to switch to the actively developed version FORCES Pro, which includes new methods such as gradient projection and alternating direction methods, new interfaces such as Python or direct Simulink support, important bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as professional support.

FORCES Pro is fully backward compatible, i.e. existing code generation scripts can be run without modification using FORCES Pro after downloading the new client.

Existing academic FORCES users from degree-granting institutions are entitled to apply for a free 1-year voucher. Send us an email to

Download the FORCES Matlab Client

FORCES is a server based code generator that is implemented as a web service. As such, it requires a client that takes your problem formulation, connects to the server and retrieves the generated code. We provide a Matlab client for this purpose, which is sent to you by email upon registration here. Once you have reveived your personal client, unpack the ZIP file and add the directory containing the client files to your Matlab path. You can now start generating code from within your Matlab environment.

Currently, only the Matlab interface is provided - let us know if you need an Octave, Scilab, Java, .Net or a simple web interface.